Financial Services Bureau - Written Consultation of Public Works

Repair and Renovation of Government Housing Property


Financial Services Bureau (DSF) is “responsible for property maintenance, but only with respect to the specific responsibilities of the property owner as stipulated by law” and “responsible for provision of appliances and furniture, property refurbishment and renovation, and compilation of relevant inventory lists for government properties”. (D.L. no. 30/99/M, July 15th, article 16, point f) and g) ). In consideration of the appropriateness in the choice of project contractors, as well as the transparency and fairness of the bidding and consultation process, interested companies are firstly required to register in the internal list of qualified contractors eligible for invitation for bidding and consultation.



Qualifications and Required Documents
  For registration in the internal list of contractors, the candidate company must fulfill the following requirements and should provide the following documents to DSF:
  1. A copy of the latest paid Business Tax Form M/8(the registered business activity code(s) for Business Tax must be 50.00.10, 50.00.20, 50.00.30, 50.00.40 or 50.00.90 (under the category of construction and public works));
  2. Submit a copy of the identification document of the person in charge of the company;
  3. Submit a Declaration of Recruitment of Local Labor (sample);
  4. Submit an application letter with company’s address and contact phone number;
  5. For companies that have experiences in similar projects, submit relevant proofs and photos for reference purpose (if applicable)


Procedures for Written Consultation:
  1. DSF approves the commencement of written consultation subject to current legislation;
  2. At least three candidates are chosen from the list of qualified contractors and are invited to participate in the consultation process;
  3. The chosen candidates will be invited to conduct an on-site inspection at the date and time specified by DSF;
  4. The chosen candidates are required to submit their tenders for the project within the period specified by DSF;
  5. The tenders will be opened at the time specified by DSF, and the chosen candidates will be invited to participate in the process;
  6. After assessment, the selected company’s tender will be submitted to the proper authorization entity for approval;
  7. After approval, the person in charge of the selected company is required to sign a Declaration of Responsibility;
  8. Before launching the project, the selected company should pay an amount of 5% on the contractual amount as a guarantee.
  9. The staff of Building Administration and Maintenance Division (DACE) will conduct daily inspection on the work site to ensure the quality and progress of the project.
  10. The project must be completed within the designated time period and the completion must be approved by DSF.


Penalty Clauses
  1. In case of delay or postponement or in case the quality of work does up to the prescribed standards which causes the project to be redone, a penalty of 1 % on the contractual amount will be levied on a daily basis until the completion of the project.
  2. In case the contractor fails to meet the quality requirements prescribed in the contract, DSF will refuse to pay until proper remedy measures have been taken. The contractor may be suspended from the invitation for bidding for at least one year or in the most serious cases permanently upon DSF’s discretion.
  3. In case the contractor fails to fulfill its obligations in the period of maintenance, a penalty of 1 to 5 % on the contractual amount will be levied upon DSF’s discretion.
  4. Any deeds of deliberate collusion or corruption will cause the contractor be suspended from bidding for public work permanently.
  5. During the period of project implementation, if the contractor violates Administrative Regulation no. 17/2004 (Prohibition for Illegal Work), in addition to possible legal liability, the company will be disqualified for further bidding for public work administered by DACE of DSF.


A List of Registered Companies
  1. Ao Iat Kai Construtor Civil – code: OB02
  2. On Nong Construction Co. Ltd. – code: OB16
  3. Vo Kei Chong Sau Cong Cheng – code: OB22
  4. JM Engineering & Construction Ltd. – code: OB27
  5. Cia. de Construção e Engenharia Pak Ka – code: OB28
  6. Vong Cheong Pui Construtor Civil – code: OB29
  7. Engenharia Falcão – code: OB33
  8. Construtor Civil Leong Wa San – code: OB34
  9. Construção Lun Wo – code: OB35
  10. Cia. de Construção "San Pou Lei" Lda. – code: OB37
  11. Cia. de Engenharia de Kai Iek, Lda. – code: OB40
  13. New Concept Constraction & Engineering Co., Ltd. – code: OB50
  14. Importação e Exportação e Construção Tim Lam Internacional (Macau) Lda. – code: OB51
  15. Construcão Civil Leong Kuong Io: OB54
  16. Companhia de Construção Urbana Good Man Lda. – code: OB56
  17. Companhia de Construção Urbana YCEN Lda. – code: OB57
  18. Companhia de Construção Ng Kam Kee, Lda. – code: OB58
  19. Wai Weng Cong Cheng – code: OB59
  20. Kin Weng Decoração – code: OB60
  21. Pan Tat Decoração – code: OB61
  22. Engenharia de Decoração Keong Kei – code: OB62
  23. Obras de Decoração Ngai Cheng – code: OB65
  24. Companhia de Construção Civil Shun Feng Limitada: OB67
  25. Construtor Civil Lei Chan Seng – code: OB70
  26. Weng Kei Chong Tong Engineering Company Limited – code: OB72
  27. Idea Construction Enginneering Development Company Limited – code: OB73
  28. Fu Hong Engineering Company Limited - code: OB75
  29. Long Chon Construction & Engineering Company Limited – code: OB76
  30. Power Abundant Construction & Engineering Co.Ltd.- code: OB81
  31. Trend Engineering Company Ltd.-code: OB82
  32. Level Engineering Co. Ltd. - code: OB83
  33. Kin On Engineering Co. Ltd.(translated by DSF)-- code: OB84
  34. Tekou Construction & Engineering Company Ltd. - code: OB85
  35. Construtor Civil Ho Sio Kei – code: OB86
  36. Sky High Construction Engineering Company Ltd – code: OB87
  37. Wanton Engineering Limited – code: OB88
  39. Sunview Construction Company Limited – code: OB90
  40. Loi Kei Cong Cheng (translated by DSF) – code: OB91
  41. Hou Sec Chong Sau Cong Cheng (translated by DSF) – código: OB92
  42. Lun Vo Fong Construction &Engineering Company Ltd. (translated by DSF)- code: OB93
  43. Chac In Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Co.Ltd. -- code: OB94
  44. Ngai Sun Construction Company Limited -- code: OB95
  45. Li Fu Zhou Construction Company Limited -- code: OB96
  47. Chak Kou Construction Company Limited (translated by DSF) -- code: OB98
  48. Sun Wise Engineering and Consultants Company Limited -- code: OB99
  49. CL Power Decoration Company Ltd. -- code: OB100
  50. Golden Harvest Construction and Engineering Co. Ltd. -- code: OB101


Results of Adjudication

Results of adjudication of 2019
  25. Building code:034-01-001,Date of consultation:22.11.2019
Participated companies:OB92、OB33、OB34、OB35、OB67、OB76
Adjudicated price:MOP94,176.00
  24. Building code:066-01-058,Date of consultation:15.10.2019
Participated companies:OB02、OB16、OB50、OB60、OB70、OB91
Adjudicated price:MOP235,495.00
  23. Building code:031-01-020,Date of consultation:6.8.2019
Participated companies:OB22、OB54、OB59、OB61、OB62、OB28
Adjudicated price:MOP238,776.00
  22. Building code:114-01-005,Date of consultation:2.7.2019
Participated companies:OB54、OB70、OB75、OB86、OB22、OB58
Adjudicated price:MOP216,018.00
  21. Building code:180-01-010,Date of consultation:28.6.2019
Participated companies:OB60、OB35、OB40、OB70、OB91、OB62
Adjudicated price:MOP209,084.00
  20. Building code:031-01-018,Date of consultation:27.6.2019
Participated companies:OB95、OB96、OB97、OB98、OB94、OB89
Adjudicated price:MOP108,648.00
  19. Building code:016-01-017,Date of consultation:27.6.2019
Participated companies:OB72、OB88、OB81、OB82、OB85、OB87
Adjudicated price:MOP97,547.00
  18. Building code:180-01-008,Date of consultation:10.5.2019
Participated companies:OB22、OB28、OB67、OB37、OB86、OB91
Adjudicated price:MOP220,858.00
  17. Building code:017-01-001,Date of consultation:10.5.2019
Participated companies:OB59、OB02、OB16、OB51、OB56、OB62
Adjudicated price:MOP203,368.00
  16. Building code:141-01-009,Date of consultation:10.5.2019
Participated companies:OB37、OB40、OB50、OB60、OB76、OB84
Adjudicated price:MOP199,529.00
  15. Building code:053-01-074,Date of consultation:21.5.2019
Participated companies:OB93、OB73、OB65、OB27、OB29、OB57
Adjudicated price:MOP105,000.00
  14. Building code:180-01-018,Date of consultation:30.5.2019
Participated companies:OB33、OB34、OB35、OB54、OB61、OB92
Adjudicated price:MOP211,239.00
  13. Building code:114-01-010,Date of consultation:4.4.2019
Participated companies:OB70、OB75、OB76、OB56、OB92、OB40
Adjudicated price:MOP198,947.00
  12. Building code:014-01-006,Date of consultation:8.4.2019
Participated companies:OB70、OB40、OB35、OB56、OB58、OB90
Adjudicated price:MOP343,955.00
  11. Building code:115-01-029,Date of consultation:8.4.2019
Participated companies:OB75、OB76、OB62、OB84、OB51、OB92
Adjudicated price:MOP377,030.00
  10. Building code:056-01-008,Date of consultation:4.4.2019
Participated companies:OB54、OB28、OB59、OB60、OB91、OB33
Adjudicated price:MOP185,312.00
  9. Building code:191-01-003,Date of consultation:29.3.2019
Participated companies:OB35、OB86、OB22、OB49、OB37、OB58
Adjudicated price:MOP110,266.00
  8. Building code:119-01-001,Date of consultation:28.3.2019
Participated companies:OB02、OB16、OB34、OB50、OB61、OB67
Adjudicated price:MOP319,010.00
  7. Building code:056-01-034,Date of consultation:19.3.2019
Participated companies:OB33、OB16、OB59、OB61、OB67、OB91
Adjudicated price:MOP158,232.00
  6. Building code:056-01-026,Date of consultation:15.3.2019
Participated companies:OB34、OB50、OB62、OB84、OB51、OB90
Adjudicated price:MOP145,792.00
  5. Building code:017-01-015,Date of consultation:13.2.2019
Participated companies:OB70、OB86、OB60、OB37、OB40、OB58
Adjudicated price:MOP120,000.00
  4. Building code:141-01-015,Date of consultation:7.3.2019
Participated companies:OB22、OB60、OB54、OB49、OB28、OB02
Adjudicated price:MOP194,000.00
  3. Building code:155-01-013,Date of consultation:13.2.2019
Participated companies:OB91、OB67、OB22、OB28、OB34、OB50
Adjudicated price:MOP198,224.00
  2. Building code:056-01-002,Date of consultation:13.2.2019
Participated companies:OB34、OB35、OB92、OB76、OB93、OB90
Adjudicated price:MOP161,398.00
  1. Building code:180-01-017,Date of consultation:13.2.2019
Participated companies:OB54、OB62、OB61、OB33、OB28、OB91
Adjudicated price:MOP233,328.00
Results of adjudication of 2018
  15. Building code:029-01-012,Date of consultation:3.12.2018
Participated companies:OB50、OB59、OB67、OB75、OB84、OB16
Adjudicated price:MOP137,625.00
  14. Building code:066-01-016,Date of consultation:19.11.2018
Participated companies:OB29、OB51、OB72、OB81、OB82、OB85
Adjudicated price:MOP80,008.00
  13. Building code:129-01-007,Date of consultation:19.11.2018
Participated companies:OB02、OB22、OB35、OB37、OB49、OB86
Adjudicated price:MOP290,230.00
  12. Building code:022-01-009,Date of consultation:19.11.2018
Participated companies:OB40、OB58、OB70、OB76、OB92、OB93
Adjudicated price:MOP264,862.00
  11. Building code:016-01-001,Date of consultation:7.11.2018
Participated companies:OB62、OB34、OB90、OB84、OB75、OB50
Adjudicated price:MOP201,950.00
  10. Building code:031-01-011,Date of consultation:30.10.2018
Participated companies:OB67、OB61、OB59、OB33、OB16、OB91
Adjudicated price:MOP209,824.00
  9. Building code:180-01-003,Date of consultation:25.10.2018
Participated companies:OB22、OB60、OB49、OB28、OB02、OB54
Adjudicated price:MOP158,975.00
  8. Building code:236-01-026,Date of consultation:7.9.2018
Participated companies:OB27、OB56、OB57、OB65、OB73、OB83
Adjudicated price:MOP89,570.00
  7. Building code:066-01-044,Date of consultation:13.7.2018
Participated companies:OB29、OB51、OB72、OB81、OB82、OB85
Adjudicated price:MOP83,430.00
  6. Building code:141-01-014,Date of consultation:26.6.2018
Participated companies:OB28、OB35、OB54、OB60、OB61、OB86
Adjudicated price:MOP186,260.00
  5. Building code:119-01-045,Date of consultation:13.6.2018
Participated companies:OB37、OB40、OB58、OB76、OB92、OB93
Adjudicated price:MOP189,698.00
  4. Building code:092-01-005,Date of consultation:26.4.2018
Participated companies:OB34、OB50、OB62、OB70、OB84、OB90
Adjudicated price:MOP281,685.00
  3. Building code:148-01-006,Date of consultation:17.4.2018
Participated companies:OB61、OB67、OB59、OB33、OB91、OB16
Adjudicated price:MOP280,120.00
  2. Building code:131-01-015,Date of consultation:8.3.2018
Participated companies:OB54、OB22、OB60、OB49、OB28、OB02
Adjudicated price:MOP186,922.00
  1. Building code:129-01-014,Date of consultation:9.2.2018
Participated companies:OB56、OB65、OB57、OB75、OB83、OB27
Adjudicated price:MOP92,150.00
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