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E-payment Tool Single Limit (MOP) Note1 Daily Limit (MOP) Note1
UnionPay Debit/Credit Card issued by local banks Depending on the cardholder’s card balance/credit balance/cardholder’s registration status with the card issuer/card issuer’s payment standard.
Debit/Credit Cards issued by BOC Macau Branch and BNU (VISA/MasterCard)
MACAU Pass 1,000 1,000
UnionPay Quick Pass 1,000 Please refer to the respective terms and conditions of the debit/credit card.
UnionPay QR 1,000 5,000
BOC Macau Mobile Banking (BOC Pay) 50,000 50,000
Tai Fung Pay 5,000 50,000
CGBPAY 5,000 5,000
ICBC e-Payment 50,000 50,000
UePay 1,000-30,000Note2 1,000-30,000Note2
Luso Pay 5,000 5,000
Alipay Macau 1,000-20,000Note2 1,000-20,000Note2
MPay 1,000-20,000Note2 1,000-20,000Note2
WeChat Pay
Note: Applicable to Mainland and HK residents
Subject to the respective terms and conditions of the bank card to which it is linked (depending on the balance and the terms and conditions of the payer's wallet in case of payments with wallet credit.)
Note: Applicable to Mainland and HK residents
Note1:For reference only, the payment limit and usage rules may vary depending on the decision of the service provider, and the user may also make his/her own adjustments with the consent of the service provider.
Note2:Subject to the customer’s account level.
Last Updated:09/05/2023
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